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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We can deliver to your door on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Alternatively, one-off orders are available.

It is completely free as long as it is within our approved delivery area.

Yes, you certainly can. We aim for each delivery to be non-contact. Your order will be left at your doorstep without disturbing you.

Please remember to leave out any empties for collection.

When you reach checkout if you have any specific delivery instructions please type these into the order note box.

You can make as many changes as necessary by logging in to your Maine Clan account.

This can sometimes happen if they can't see them or the van is full.

Please leave your empties out regularly to avoid them piling up, and make sure they are in plain sight.

We'll do our best to collect them on your next delivery.

Payment will be taken on the day you placed your order and then 3 days before each subscription delivery after that.

Please get in touch if you receive a faulty product or order error and we will address this as soon as possible.

Contact us by clicking here.

Yes! If you have a 'Build your own crate!' subscription and would like to change your flavours, get in touch with us with your changes and we will take care of that for you. Let us know as far in advance of your next local delivery as possible.